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Alexandria Endoscopy Association

رابطة جراحي المناظير بالاسكندرية

Thomas Horbach

At ALEXEA we aim to teach a standard rather than a technique

About me

  • Head of Stadtkrankenhaus Schwabach - Academic Teaching Hospital  University Erlangen-Nuremberg  Department of General and Abdominal Surgery - Certified Obesity Control Center Erlangen-Schwabac
  • Senior Physician Head of Surgical Endoscopy and Minimally invasive Surgery-Unit -Department of Surgery, University Hospitals, Erlangen, Germany 
  • Founder and Head of Obesity Control Center - University Hospitals, Erlangen, Germany
  • President German Society for Surgery of Obesity 
  • Chairman “New Technologies Committee” International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) 
  • Council Member German Obesity Society 
  • Certificate as principal investigator in clinical studies on medical products following ICH-GCP guidelines  
  • Delegate European Chapter International Federation of Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders  
  • Head Work Group on Gastric Cancer, Cancer Center Ober- and Mittelfranken  
  • Vice president Scientific work group on obesity surgery - German Surgical Society (DGAV) 
  •  Consultant in Minimally Invasive Surgery University Hospitals Erlangen 
  • Head Obesity Control Center Erlangen-Schwabach 
  • Certificate as principal investigator in clinical studies following ICH-GCP guidelines  
  • Lecturer for Surgery  Assistant Professor of Surgery   
  •  Public Lecture From „Galloskop“ to roboter assisted voice controled surgery – innovative 20 years of minimally invasive surgery in Erlangen“ 
  • Certificate as Center of Excellence and Educational Center of the German Surgical Society for surgical Endoscopy 
  •  Postdoctoral colloquium

Active Lectures

Lectures given by Thomas Horbach

Lecture Given Times
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