Alexandria Endoscopy Association

رابطة جراحي المناظير بالاسكندرية

General Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery Workshop

In Collaboration with

Christian-Albrechts University, Germany
Middle East Society For Gynecological Endoscopy (MESGE)

A brief summary

The theoretical part will be video recorded and it will be sent to you.

The practical part will be at ALEXEA for three days from 9 am to 4 pm.

A discussion for the theoretical part and answering inquiries or questions will be during the practical days.

What you will learn

Detailed thorough guidance lectures, Gain essential laparoscopic skills in hands on training. Master Suturing Techniques on live animal tissues. Full operational Table at the Animal lab, Attend Live Surgery over video conference.

  • Certified and expert teachers
  • Dry Lab Gain essential laparoscopic skills
  • Wet Lab Master Sutures Techniques on tissues
  • AACME Accredited All Course have credit hours

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